Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Simplicity 8564, Dress and Catfish Purse

You know how it goes, right?
A quick trip to Hobby Lobby for "just a couple of things" turns into buying patterns and fabric for more projects??

I was skimming through patterns, since they were $0.99 and looking for a swim suit pattern for mini and came across Simplicity 8564 - love at first sight for Mini.

 And then when we found the unicorns and rainbows fabric - it was all over.
And now, the little stinker won't model the dress for me.  Although its not like its warm enough to wear it!  More snow and ice here today!
The dress is really just a big tent, with bias straps and a ribbon in the back. 
There is, of course the flutter sleeve option.  If I make this again, I will choose something more drapey - and probably skip the back tie.

The real winner from this pattern in Mini's view, is the catfish purse.

She was totally willing to model that, as long as I didn't "fix" her hair. 
The pattern calls for felt/fleece for the eyes/nose.  I just went ahead and embroidered them on, along with the mouth and whiskers.  Found the perfect "scale" fabric in my stash from *this quilt for my niece*
Not sure what's going on here.... a wink, maybe?  The purse is pretty big. 

 I braided a few lenghts of multicolored yarn to make the strap.  Had to knot it at the top so it didn't drag on the ground.
 The catfish took way more time than the dress.  And if you decide to make it, you should know that the opening is just the head.  The body is closed.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Temperature Quilt 2017 Final Finish

It is finally finished!!
Actually, its been finished for a couple of weeks, but I needed a sunny day and time to blog!!

 Way back in January 2017, I tried to get a quilt a long started.  I had a couple of Instagram friends play along and make temperature quilts, too.  The above was my planned pallette for the year.  All the fabrics are Fossil Ferns.
 This was a potential layout.  I definitely wanted to differentiate the months this time around.  My first temperature quilt is a bit more abstract.
I did get the top put together in January, quilted in March.
The back has all the information about the quilt - including a strip of all the temperatures with the numbers embroidered on them. 

I also included on the back when I was in other cities.

The words on the front were cut with my Silhouette Machine of black batik backed with Pellon Wunder Under 805.  I fused them down, then did a lot of quilting over them to hold down the letters.   I was much too lazy to change quilting thread.  I may go back and color those threads black, but its not at the top of my list.  Probably because I'm so happy to have it finished. 

I'm not doing one this year, but am constantly tempted.  There are others out there making them this year - you can look on Instagram for #tempquilt18 

The main floral backing came from Hobby Lobby and is super soft.  It was a potential border for the front, but I ended up going with the shells.  If you look closely, I actually took the time to make sure they all are going the same way!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Really Random Thursday 4.5.18

 We are half way through Spring Break this week.  No trips to anywhere warm :(.  But so far its been a good week. 

Never noticed that my coffee has fun things on the bottom of the bag!

 Getting some quilting done on the DA quilt.  Hoping to spend all day Friday working on it.
 Pagan Eastre symbols to celebrate the Resurrection.
 The first day of break we did woods cleanup and a bonfire.  Bonfires and Smores never get old.
 Tuesday we did house cleaning.  They actually fought over who could vacuum. 

It was also election day Tuesday, our little town is now a village.  Not sure how much that changes my life.... I'm thinking, not much. (it all has to do with long term planning)

I'm putting this post together on Wed, we've got one friend over and two kids are at an other's house.  Tomorrow a trip to the museum.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The Downton Abbey Quilt Revisited

Years ago, literally I finished a quilt top.  A rather large quilt top.

It was a mystery quilt along put on by Ebony Love of Love Bug Studios

According to my blog posts I finished the top at the end of May 2014  Note, in the above picture, it does not have the borders on.

I had chosen the colors of the Dowager Countess Violet Crawley played by Maggie Smith. One of my favorite actresses!

I got it basted in June of 2014

And so, it has been basted, folded up waiting for me. 
Last night I started the quilting.  I got all of the stitch in the ditch lines done along the major seam lines.  From here on out I will take it block by block.  I'm really looking forward to getting this done!  (finally!)

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Quilt Inspired Art Work

Or, artwork that inspires quilts.

As I mentioned in the last post, Mini and I spent some time at the Kenosha Public Museum the other day.  In addition to quilts and Molas, there was also a display of artwork from the local schools' art classes.  I couldn't help but photograph the quilty ones.

It got me thinking about how our quilt patterns are natural, recurring themes among art, textiles, decor, etc.

 One of the things that stood out to me was the many different mediums that were the basis of arriving at something that looked quilty.  Tesselations, warm/cool contrasts, watercolor

  I am completely convinced this could be EPP.

 Weaving even looks quilty.

I'm sharing just a few other pictures that Mini took.
 She was completely fascinated by the three eyed princess.  I'd say a great future in comic book illustration!
 The lion was absolutely astounding.

 There were also various 3D kinds of artwork.
 Ages were from elementary school through high school.  I think its really neat that these kids all get a chance to say that their art work hung in a real museum.

 I was (obviously) drawn to the enamel bee.

 This was an especially striking digital photograph.  There was a whole section devoted to digital media.  Glad to see that it is being taught in the schools.
 More pics of Mini and the rocks.  It was super nice to have a lazy day out.  No hurry, no where to be.  It is also hard for me to do a lot of nothing, so its good that Mini slows me down, sometimes.